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Relaxed, friendly and welcoming are the words most often used to describe staying at The Warren.

Perfect if you need a friendly place to stay whilst you are wishing to visit Alton Towers working or looking for local walks.

Perfect if you are planning on exploring the local area we have a wealth of local knowledge and can point you in the direction of many local wonders including, Dimmingsdale, Dovedale, The Peak District, Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood, The Potteries, Trentham Gardens and retail village and much, much more.

Quality accommodation offering excellent value for money

The Warren is our family home and you will receive a very warm welcome. We have been running The Warren since 2013 and look forward to meeting guests whether it is their first visit or their fiftieth! Our Guestbook is a testimony for our quality and their appreciation.

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  • Relax in our comfortable Bed and Breakfast with TV and DVDs.
  • Private car park solely for Guests use at the front of the house.
  • Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.
  • A charcoal BBQ is available for use by prior arrangement or just sit and enjoy the views from the spacious garden and patio area.
  • Children are more than welcome to play in the garden.
  • We love a celebration so if you need any help in planning yours: flowers, cakes, chocolates, restaurant recommendations and reservations, theatre & attraction tickets, just let us know.
  • All of our rooms are non smoking.

If you have any questions about your planning your stay then please do not hesitate to contact us.